Privacy Policy

Customer privacy is imperative to us, and we take it as a serious matter to protect the information that you provide us in the ordinary course of connecting with our site. Therefore, we have developed the general privacy policy below to enable you to understand better what data we gather and how we use it.

Privacy policy discloses the practices preferred by Geeks Technical Solutions by maintaining the client’s privacy that is of much concern. Access to the site composes of following terms and conditions and applicable laws. If you submit your information on our website during chat, email or call session you should completely agree with the terms and conditions of Geeks Technical Solutions. Information which we require from clients side to solve queries will be confidential and will fall into the category of personal information.

Personal information

When customer login our website some personal information from customer side will be required such as name, email id, and phone number. We will use this information to answer your queries and will suggest you good plans and solutions to overcome the problem in future. We will not disclose anything related to service charges or the personal information shared by you while solving the query.

Payment information

If you agreed to the terms and conditions of Geeks Technical Solutions and registered yourself to use our services, then your credit card credentials will be required to complete the payment process from your side. We may use third party service to verify credit card details on our behalf and the verification will compose of cardholder name, credit card number, expiration date and the billing address with the card processing company. All this information will be disclosed only to the third party to complete the payment process.

Remote access

If there is a problem with your computer system, our technician will require accessing your system remotely to diagnose the problem. This remote access will need internet service so that our technicians can resolve your problem in no time without coming to your place. Technicians are allowed to take remote access only with your concern and not otherwise. Our technicians will take care not to disclose or hit any of your confidential data. We follow our internal policy and will also request you to be in front of your computer system while your system is being diagnosed.


To give you better services we sometimes may use cookies or similar technologies. Cookies are unique files which record your behavior with the site and PC user preference. We use such services to improve our services quality.

Call recording

To improve the quality of the service our audit team will listen to the call in which each word is being recorded between the client and the technician. If in case you don’t want your call to be recorded then our audit team will take some decision accordingly.

Log files

Our technicians will use your system IP to administer the site, follow the moment, analyze trends etc.


We take every possible step to protect the privacy of the user. When you share some personal and confidential information, it will not be shared with anyone. When we ask about customer sensitive information on the registration form (like credit card number, credit card name), the information is encrypted and is protected by standard encryption software.

Choice of opt-out

If once the account has been created we provide our users with the opt-out opportunity of receiving non-essential information from our side. If any client does not wish to receive any e-mails or calls from us, they can reply with “no further notice," and the customer will receive no message or phone calls in the future.

From time to time, we will update our Privacy Policy. So please keep visiting this page. Also, you agree with us that you will not use any information from our site which violets law in some or another way. We also request not to submit the information which you feel is very confidential and will create problems in future.

If you have some queries regarding privacy policy, you can mail us on

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