Network and internet devices

Hackers and crime haunt you by hitting your network?

Have you had a problem downloading a file on your high-speed internet connection and calling the service provider does not help? No need to worry. Our Internet and network services is just a call away. We help you create new networks, extend or repair existing network and install your PCS.
Some of the issues are discussed below:

Network failure due to Network Cable: This includes bad Ethernet cables or faulty network device drivers

IP Address Conflict (Address Already in Use): Unable to use the internet when your static IP address is used by another device on the same network

VPN connection establishment failure: You receive error 800 when trying to connect VPN server from a VPN client in Windows.

Power failure: This give rise to poor connection or network failure messages.

Wrong gateway: Wrong or incorrect gateway forbids communication with the network.

When it comes to technology for your business, in-depth understanding of technology, alternative solutions, and risks involved with ineffective I.T support need to be considered in advance. We are committed to understanding your business strategy and providing technology solutions that will make a positive impact on your business and most importantly to your bottom line. We help you look into your technology investments strategically to create a more effective and efficient business.

Our team of experienced engineers can help you choose a reliable and cost-effective infrastructure for your data and voice networks. We use top quality products and follow proper safety procedures to comply with international standards. Call or email us today, and we will show you what we can do for you.

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