New Trends Of Marketing-Digital Marketing

Nothing grows faster than a business. When a business is set up, the thing that matters the most is what kind of marketing strategy you are opting for promoting your business. You can do this by traditional marketing or by digital marketing. Traditional marketing relies on tools and medium like newspaper, radio, televisions, magazine and direct emails. Digital Marketing, on the other hand, is made up of tools like Search engine optimization, social media optimization, content marketing like blogging, articles and video creation, email marketing and online pay per click advertising. Digital Marketing is communicating value to your customers using digital tools.

We follow a cycle beginning with the in-depth consultation to identify your needs and determine the best strategy for you. We then measure and analyze your results and listen to your feedback so that we can make the online marketing strategy for you a success. Not all business has a strong online presence or an online presence at all, and that is why their sales are plummeting. Your business is unrecognized and you are left to wonder why even with lower prices and better products. The customer seems to be favoring the competition and you don't want to be in the unfavoured part. You want to advertise your goods and services online and you do not like the thought that the customer doesn't even know that your company exists. We focus on increasing awareness about your brand and get more lead and sales. 91% of people online use search engine frequently, 78% of people use online media before they shop locally. The customers you are looking for were never gone, but they just moved online. If they can't find you, they can't buy from you. Around 68% of people online use Google as their search engine, therefore if you dominate Google, you will dominate the search rankings, and your business is visible to the prospects.

What does it take exactly to come in the first ranking in Google? Having a website is not enough. You need to optimize it for google yahoo Bing or any other targeted search engine. With proper SEO, you will know what keywords your prospects are using when they are looking for products and services you provide. We can then optimize your website for these keywords so that Google’s search algorithm will rank your pages higher. The better your site rankings, the easier your prospects find your site, the faster they can buy from your store or service. Without so, you are hiding your business from 70 percent of prospects. To make sure they can find your company, you can use local marketing optimization or what we call local buzz. This ensures that your business also comes up when they search for online maps, reviews, local directory listings and check-ins in your area.

One in every 6 minutes is mostly spent on social media. Therefore the use of social media optimization to ensure your business is present and visible in social networks, especially google+. Googles very own social platform can give yourSEO efforts an extra boost.

Use PPC (PAY PER CLICK) marketing if you are in a hurry to reach the top rankings in GOOGLE. Pay per Click displays your ads alongside search results instantly; It's perfect for websites with online sales funnel ready for markets where keyword competition is very high. You only pay when your ads are clicked, so it also cost effective. PPC Remarketing lets you display banner to people who have visited your site and left. This provides you another chance to drive them back to your website so that you can get your lead or sale. Through this, they see your ads, your get brand exposure and again you only pay when your ads are clicked.


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