IOS 11 setting new standards

New file app will bring your all files together & will be much easier for you to organize, search and browse all in one place. This is not only applicable on your iPod, but also in apps on your other iOS devices, iCloud drive, and across other services like box and drop box.

The new dock bottom line is a more powerful way to work

It is an innovative and foundational change for iPad. Now it can be operated from your screen. You can open and close the app only with just a swipe and you can even customize it by running your favorite apps. Dock changes according to the work done.

Multitasking made better in multiple ways

IOS 11 makes it possible to multitask your program. You can open the second app right from the dock and the best part is that your both apps will remain active in slide over as well as a split view.

Drag and drop, Give it a touch

Drag and drop option is added to the iPad allowing you to move text, photos videos and files from one application to another. As it is designed for big multi-touch display of iPad, and moving them around is pure magic. You can move things anywhere on the screen.

Apple pencil, Innovative way to make your mark

IOS 11 makes apple pencil for iPad more versatile, robust and realistic than it was before. It is more useful while listing notes or to point out some important data.


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