Frequently Asked Questions

All antivirus programs do not perform identically. Different programs offer different functioning and protection.
Every day thousands of malware are created. Geek’s technical solution provides the best malware protection available in the market. One can use Trend Micro to protect your system against malware and virus infection. While using trend micros, you can sit back and relax by knowing that your computer is protected now.
Computers aren’t perfect your data can be lost due to any unforeseen reason (fire or flood). Our files get corrupted, CPU stop working, motherboards malfunction, and Coffee get spilled all this can result in loss of your precious and confidential data.But digital files can be easily copied and stored. This process of restoration is known as the backup. Online Backup automatically saves copies of your files on a personalized schedule created by you. In this case, your data will be encrypted and will be stored on remote servers so that you can access them quickly. Backup created by you will be fully secured.
Feel free to ask any technical query regarding your computer, network and IT support services ( refer our service page ). Our technicians are expert enough to solve your query, for them no problem is too simple or complex. We welcome you to call us anytime with any issue, and we will resolve your issue accordingly.
Remote support services implies that you don’t have to go physically to get your problem resolved. With your permission, our technicians will access your computer over the internet to resolve the queries you are facing. This methodology allows us to save your time and money.
Though we are always there for you to resolve your queries and there are rare chances that our technicians would not be able to satisfy their customers. But in case if this happens we will connect you with an account specialist to discuss for the query.
We proudly offer 7- day service with 100% customer satisfaction and if you face any issue for the same contact us as soon as possible. We will fix it all.
We almost provide service for every device that connects to the Internet, including smartphones and tablets.


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